Is a Manufacturing Line Transfer Right for You?

Precision Concepts Manufacturing Line

Why Should You Transfer Your Manufacturing Line?

Transferring a manufacturing process, whether a single product line or a complete medical manufacturing facility, can be extremely beneficial and open up a lot of new opportunities. You could begin to achieve more efficiencies, optimize the total cost of ownership, expand your capacity, and much more.

However, it takes time, preparation, and a lot of careful planning to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Is this the right time for you to transfer your manufacturing to another location? Let’s examine the reasons why you might want to get started now.

Optimize the Total Cost of Ownership

It can be a costly endeavor to maintain your own manufacturing line. Repairs, updates, and all the necessary personnel can take up a large part of your budget. There are also the space requirements, and the physical footprint of your machines may be space that you don’t really have to spare.

Transferring your manufacturing line offers a number of important cost benefits. You can begin to reduce your own daily costs while still maintaining quality throughout the process. Once we have the new line set up at our location, we will have full responsibility for its operation and maintenance.

Expand Your Capacity

Sometimes, you simply may not have the capacity at your current location to provide as much of your product as your consumers demand. You may want to branch out and start delivering other versions of your product, or entirely new lines of medical devices.

Space is at a premium, and so is time. That means you can only do so much at a single location. However, you can transfer your manufacturing line to a location that designed from the ground up to expand into new manufacturing processes. This will let you continue to design new products while leaving the physical manufacturing to others.

Improve Manufacturing Reliability and Consistency

We have 35 qualified engineers that know how to control the products coming off of the line. Before the physical transfer process even begins, they will be involved with the planning and consultation, using important risk analysis techniques to recommend the most effective solutions.

Our engineers are highly experienced, which uniquely positions them to handle any machine retooling or rebuilding necessary to ensure that the final products maintain a high level of quality and consistency.

Find Improvements for Current Manufacturing Process

Sometimes, a manufacturing process is done a certain way because that’s how it has always been done. There may be some impediments along the way, but traditionally you’ve been able to push through.

What if you didn’t have to push through? What if there was a more effective way to maintain your production, increase quality, and be more consistent?

Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to re-analyze and re-evaluate the process and find those new processes that will make a line transfer even more valuable.

Meet All Regulatory Compliance Issues

When you are delivering a new medical device, the entire process will be surrounded by a number of industry or governmental regulation. It can be difficult to keep up with all those regulations when you have so much else to do, so you can leave manufacturing compliance concerns to us.

We have FDA 510K approval and are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. We maintain this level of certification to ensure the manufacturing process is always following the safest procedures.

Knowledge Transfer

There is a certain amount of institutional knowledge that accompanies almost any manufacturing line. Manufacturing is more than just a complex series of moving parts and a button that says go. Your insights and in-house processes that have developed over the years are just as much a part of the transfer as the equipment, and our engineers work closely with you to make sure it all comes over.

This may be the right time to transfer your manufacturing line to another location. You can free up your time, your budget, and discover new opportunities within your industry to expand and grow.