Industries Served

Meeting the needs of many industries

Developing a partnership with an engineering based company having a strong product development team can mean the difference between success and failure. Our product development team offers a broad scope of cross-functional experience for every stage of the development process.

Precision Concepts can provide customers simple components or private-labeled, finished devices including high volume disposable and low volume reusable devices. We can offer supply chain management, packaging and distribution, including sterilization management from multiple facilities in North Carolina or one of the two sterilization facilities located in Costa Rica that provide E-Beam and ETO.

We provide the superior quality, price and lead-time your company must have to compete in today’s market.

Our business plan revolves around building partnerships.  This not only includes our supply chain, but our custo​mers as well.  We believe it is imperative to bring value to the project from the time we receive the initial inquiry throughout the project life.  We will evaluate every project with a cost reduction/best manufacturing approach.  We don’t just stop there.  With our Six Sigma initiatives we are constantly evaluating all projects for cost reduction.  In accordance with our partnership building approach, for every cost reduction we are able to achieve, we pass along 50% to our customer.