The History of Precision Concepts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

History of Precision Concepts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Precision Concepts was founded and started producing its first products in the same location as so many other entrepreneurial endeavors: in the garage.

In 1976, Vince Marino, started this business in his one-car garage in Long Island, New York, making stamped parts for clients. We didn’t stay there too long, though.

In the first couple years, we had already started working with 40 or more customers. So, by the early 80s, we had moved out of the garage and into a multi-building campus.

We started off working with consumer goods, but as we grew we started adding new processes and products. In 1986 we added insert injection molding to our repertoire, and in 1987 we were doing medical device assembly.

The first medical device we manufactured was the fetal scalp electrode – a device that allows doctors to monitor a baby’s heart rate and other vital signs during labor. Eventually, we were making nearly a million of these a year, so if you were born after the late 80s, chances are you’ve already had some kind of contact with our products.

Over the years, we moved from consumer goods to telecommunications and then into the medical industry and now we’re providing products for military aerospace. We produce parts for companies like Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson, two of the largest medical device companies, and Lockheed Martin, the top producer in the military aerospace industry.

As we continued to grow, it just became too expensive to operate in New York.

Simply put, we wanted to get the best people to work at Precision Concepts, but it can be a challenge to convince someone to move to a location that has such a high cost of living.

One of our largest customers at the time had a major operation in Greensboro, North Carolina, so we saw that as a great opportunity and relocated our headquarters to Winston-Salem in 1990.

Over the next couple of decades, we saw our share of ups and downs as the markets changed and evolved, but even in the most difficult times, we were always able to focus on attracting the best talent and developing more effective services.

And now, we’re still growing. Here, in Winston-Salem, we just acquired a new building. In fact, we just celebrated the one-year anniversary at this new building, which was opened on Veteran’s Day 2016.

On a related note, this date was no accident or coincidence. Our founder is himself, a veteran, which makes this holiday very important to us.

We are proud to be registered as a veteran-owned company. This also means that Precision Concepts has diversity status, which can make a big difference for companies who want to work with diverse suppliers.

Working for Precision Concepts in Winston-Salem

The average length of time people stay at Precision Concepts in North Carolina is around 12 years. And we’re not just talking about our engineers, but our operators, too.

When the average turnover rate for positions like this in other countries is around a year or less, we actively invest in keeping our skilled people around. This, we feel, is the best way to consistently deliver the highest quality.

We are a family-oriented company, and that is why our people stick around so long.

We get involved with everyone who works here. We know them. We want them to feel like they’re part of a family, and we really are concerned about everyone here.  We encourage personal growth such as additional training or education and provide opportunity to grow within our company.

We take care of our company family, and this same mentality translates into how we build partnerships with our customers.

We want to build long-term, serious relationships and create amazing partnerships. We want to reach the point where we can look you in the eye, shake hands, and know that the job is going to be done. Basically, we want our customers to be part of the family.

Recent Developments

Precision Concepts is currently growing at around 15% a year, and we haven’t sat back and rested on our laurels. Just 2 years ago, our Winston-Salem facility  added finished device assembly to our list of services.

In order to move fully into finished device assembly (something that most other diverse suppliers can’t provide), we certified our Class 8 cleanroom and changed the ISO 13485 certification scope to include device assembly. That means we are capable of delivering packaged and sterile products.

In our new building, we are also set up for white room assembly – a controlled environment that allows us to produce items that don’t require the sterility of a full clean room. We also have a 110-ton stamping press that can handle large items and new micro molding presses that allow us to deliver great quality even on the smallest of parts.

Here, in North Carolina, we do more of the R&D and engineering, as well as progressive metal stamping and plastic injection molding. And, now that we have added finished device assembly, we handle that here, too.  Truly providing full product life capabilities.

Planning For the Future

At Precision Concepts, we are always looking toward the future and discovering new opportunities. Even now, we have begun development of a new facility so that we can bring all of our activities back under a single roof and provide space for additional growth.

We’re adding new technology all the time. This year we added five laser welding systems, some of which are fully automated. This is opening other new opportunities, and sometime next year we are expecting to move into laser marking.

And, of course, we’re not going to stop there. We’re always evaluating other things to continue our growth here in Winston-Salem.